Five Guys, Four Bullets


This is a travel documentary of a group of 5 bikers who decide to ride their Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycles from Delhi to Ladakh, the Indian home of Tibetan Buddhism. This 3,000 km journey across the Himalayas is one of the toughest motorcycle trips in the world.

The plan was: five riders, four bikes, no back up vehicle and no film crew. There was no pre-planned screenplay, and no locations or events to cover. The film was shot by one of the bikers, filmmaker Karan Singh, who took his camera along for the ride. He is the one-man unit responsible for the film.

The documentary captures the interaction and experience of the bikers as they ride through the Himalayas. Through Kashmir and Ladakh, they encounter floods, landslides, snow, and altitude sickness at heights of 18,300 feet.

It’s a film on friendship, camaraderie, and the ‘never say die’ attitude of the five as they face off with nature, connect with local communities, explore old battlefields, and encounter nomads amidst some of the most spectacular and demanding landscapes possible.


  • Duration: 48 min
  • Documentary feature
  • Travel and adventure
  • Filmed in India
  • Premiered at South Asian International Film Festival
  • Screened at Atlanta Indo-American Film Festival

Karan Singh


Sachin K. Meena



5 Guys poster