Oye Taxi!


This is an inquisitive look at urban life in India today through the eyes of Mumbai’s taxi drivers. Coming from far-flung parts of the country to make a better life in the city, this 55,000-strong body of people are icons of Mumbai.

Yet taxi drivers have been marginalized by the success of the big city. Life for them means carrying other people’s hopes and success. This has, however, not dampened their humour and their optimistic view on the city itself. Their stories and nonchalance make them a breed apart.

Oye Taxi! is fast-paced and colourful, capturing the essence of Mumbai, of life on its streets, and the many different attitudes on display, some forced, others natural. The film is free-flowing and unstructured, allowing the taxi drivers to tell their own story. The camera is almost fly-on-the-wall, giving the audience a rare glimpse into the lives of a cabbie in Mumbai.


  • Duration: 28 min
  • Documentary short
  • Social and human interest
  • Filmed in India
  • Premiered at Open Frame Film Festival
  • Screened at Digital Talkies Film Festival

Karan Singh


Aan Singh Koshyari



Oye Taxi! poster