The Son


An investigative documentary film that examines the disappearance of a prisoner of war during the first Nagorno-Karabakh war in 1992.

The Son uses unpublished photos taken by Italian war photographer Enrico Sarsini, who covered the conflict for a Russian magazine. He was present with Armenian forces at their siege of a strategically-located church that was single-handedly defended by Natig Gasimov, a 19-year-old Azerbaijani volunteer.

Gasimov later surrendered in exchange for the lives of Azerbaijani hostages held by Armenian forces. He was then interrogated by Armenian officers. Sarsini was present and took photos of this interrogation, but he then had to leave to return to Moscow. After his departure, the young Azerbaijani prisoner of war was never heard of again.

This 46-minute documentary finds out what happened to Gasimov, uncovering new evidence that points to those responsible for his disappearance. Filmed over a period of three years, director Karan Singh spoke to witnesses in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Italy and Russia in his search for the truth.

He travelled to Nagorno-Karabakh, which was under Armenian control at the time, to meet local Armenian officials and to track down the church defended by Gasimov.

The filmmaker also met Gasimov’s mother, who, even after 30 years, still believes that her son is alive and will return.

With Azerbaijan recovering all its lost territories in 2020 and 2023, the questions this documentary raises are as important as ever.


  • Duration: 46 min
  • Documentary
  • Investigative film
  • Filmed in Azerbaijan Armenia Italy Russia & UK
  • World Premiere: Whistleblower Summit & Film Festival USA (2021)
  • Official Selection: North Dakota Human Rights Film Festival USA (2021)
  • International Competition: Mumbai International Film Festival India (2022)

Karan Singh


Simon Stanford


Andy Sowerby


Douglas Black Heaton



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